Thursday, March 01, 2012

It Has Been Forever

Since I talked about Not that I haven't thought about them but with kids, husband, social media company, reviews, writing, reading, Daisy Leader, cub scouts, soccer, community website and more...I am tired just writing it all..I have taken a back seat to taking care of me.

I love taking a bath, wearing a nice comfy robe, burning beautiful scented candles, and treating myself by using Eden Fantasys, beauty and bath products.

Sometimes the responsibilities of life when you are a woman are overwhelming. We feel everything with our hearts and are passionate about so many things; our children, our men, our families, our friends, etc.

Sometimes even taking 5 minutes for ourselves is all we have. I am taking 5 right now. I ate my breakfast which is something I never have time for. There is also a candle burning while I work even though I am sitting at my dining room table working for the past 3 hours because why should I sit in the quiet of the house typing all day only to have the kids get home and rush into homework, baths, and after school activities?

Recently I visited Eden Fantasys again and ordered myself some bath and body products.

I ordered this Delizia mia creamy sugar polish - Body moisturizers - EdenFantasys which I love.

I also love this Delizia mia creamy sugar polish - Body moisturizers - EdenFantasys even though I am not a Bride.

And because my Sand Castle candle is almost gone, I ordered this Lelo flickering touch massage candle - Aromatherapy candles

Hopefully it comes in soon.

If you love beauty and bath products, check out Eden Fantasys!

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