Saturday, February 11, 2012

Pride & Joy

My son is a Cub Scout because it is something he wanted to do (all his friends were doing it and he likes the uniform). I wanted him to do it because, he wanted to plus, it is an added bonus to socialize with people from his grade outside of school.

This past Halloween the Cubs participated in a village Terror Trail where they had to come up with a skit for the trail. People paid their $2.00 and walked through and the kids and their den leaders had a blast.

Handsome's den came in 3rd place out of the 11 groups who were scaring folks and they couldn't be prouder. Their den leaders decided that like the Stanley Cup, each kid would get to keep the trophy for a little while so they could display it in their home.

We sat it on top of the TV so we could look at it for the week it stayed with us. During that time, I asked him to take a picture so we could have it forever. He was more than happy to pose with the trophy and understands that he wouldn't be keeping it. When it was time to give it to another cub, he thought long and hard on how he would decide. First he figured he would ask who hadn't had a turn yet and than he gave it to someone who he felt wasn't too eager.

I love that the cubs shared this experience and that each will have their week to hold the trophy. Hopefully next year he decides he wants to participate again and we get another. Seeing how happy he is makes me happy.

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  1. What a wonderful experience! Congratulations to his den.


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