Monday, February 13, 2012

Music Monday Continues with The Thousand Pities

Before living in the Great NY, I lived in New Joisey (said with a New Jersey accent!). It was before kids and I spent a lot of time hitting the clubs and seeing a lot of my friends bands play. In New Jersey everyone knew someone in a band. A lot of my Jersey friends are still having pretty decent careers in their respective local bands so I have a soft spot for Jersey bands.

The Thousand Pities have a sound that you really get into. My CD reviews are different than others I know. I listen and type what I am thinking as I hear it. So what you have below are my first impressions.

My Favorites
What if Everyone is Wrong: Great lyrics, nice music and harmonies, stick a tambourine in and you always have me.

Count My Summer Down: Count Your Blessing, count them quickly you're alright! Great summer song for hanging with your friends at the beach with some solo cups and a keg!

Last Glittering Thrill: Love this song! Lyrics and melody are what makes this band so good. I love all the little details, The drummer is counting, 1, 2, 3, 4..."1, 2, 3, 4. Sha la la...

Point Pleasant: Male and female vocals which would usually get me, but this was my least favorite of the CD. Felt off to me.

Gone to Stay: Nice guitar sound and quiet, soft vocal. Love the female voice coming in on the end of lines.

Warm: Nice vocals on this one! I love the music. Lovely harmonies! Not sure what the noise in the background was but it worked.

From the Air: Ahhh...after all that noise, this was so relaxing with the whispered singing. I really like this one.

Dream About It: Like a Queensryche's Operation Mindcrime I love how the last few songs have moved right into each other.

Making Other Plans: Nice! Love the sound of the guitars and drums on this! Nice High Hat! Awesome vocals. Love the lyrics.

Fourth of July: Started out to me like a Springsteen song. Like the lyrics and love the music.

Looking for Wonder: This was my daughter's favorite! She said she likes the guitar. Personally, I like the chorus.

Believe in Sound: Oh nope, she says she now thinks, this one is her favorite. She likes the chimes!

Super High Moon: Very pretty music. I promise you this is the year of the Super High Moon! This may be one of my favorites of the whole CD.

OK..a.let's bring it home. The best thing about The Thousand Pities is how layered their music is. I found all the songs very well orchestrated and arranged. There is so much going on, you need to hear each song about 3 times to hear all the little details that make up each one. Would love to see them live so that I could sing along. After 3 times, I know each one by heart and believe that at least 6 of these songs are going on my MP3 Player.

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