Monday, December 05, 2011

Honey It's All In The Shoes by Phyllis Norton Hoffman

Finding Your Footing Has Never Been So Much Fun! 
Can you remember the magic you felt when you slipped on your mother's high heels; your very own first pair of pumps; your excursion for the perfect professional pair; the glory of finding the most comfortable shoes; and your first ballet slippers, Mary Janes, or running shoes? In these pairs of shoes reside distinct journeys, phases of life, triumphs and tragedies, precious memories, and lessons learned.

In 'Honey, It's All in the Shoes' Phyllis Norton Hoffman takes you on a journey examining these defining moments, sharing what she has learned when she was required to wear different shoes—from a mother and wife to entrepreneur and businesswoman to publishing powerhouse to doting grandmother—and provides advice for women on putting their best foot forward, no matter their role, circumstance, or stage of life. Hoffman's fun, nostalgic, and intriguing exploration of the phases of her own life and the virtues that she's lived by gives you hope, confidence, and pride in the life you are already living and the life you are planning ahead. Everything you need is all in the shoes! Through your own recollections and understanding of what your own shoe closet holds and represents, you will discover your true worth as a woman.

What I Can Tell You: For me shoes have always just been a way of making sure I don't hurt my feet when I walk outside. Never being a shoe girl myself, I do love my daughter having shoes to choose from and I have friends who have owned enough shoes to fill the inside of a refrigerator box so I do know this is something a lot of woman are into.

Phyllis Norton Hoffman is the publisher of Southern Lady and while I do appreciate the love of a comfortable shoe I am not sure that my shoe collection or lack of encompasses my full worth. I know woman who drool over pairs of shoes but I am not one of them, maybe this makes me odd but for me, a book dedicated to ones love of shoes left me feeling a little flat!

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Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy of this book for review. All opinions are my own.

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