Monday, February 28, 2011

Spring Cleaning for Uncle Sam

This is the time of year like the rest of America, my husband and I start organzing our paperwork for tax time.

We handle our paperwork quite differetly. I prefer to keep all receipts in one location, adding it all up before our visit to the accountant and he tends to conduct a search party between the months of February and March to find everything needed.

While we do things very differently, the one thing we agree on is that our personal information needs to be destroyed before we put any paperwork into the trash.

Fellows is a manufacturer and marketer of business machines, and paperwork storage solutions.

Something we could totally use right about now is this cute, little Fellows P-12C shredder. We used to have one, now we tear it all up and use different garbage bags. This would be great because it is small and affordable. It also has cross cross cutting action so each sheet will be cut into 399 particles. In a world where people can use your personal information in so many damaging ways, this is a must!

To Purchase: head to Target where it is currently on sale for under $80.00, a small price to pay for financial protection.

Disclosure: I recieved this information from a campaign with One2One Network and Fellows and these opinions are strictly my own.

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