Saturday, February 05, 2011

New Website Buzz - "Qwiki" For Information on Millions of Things

Have you ever heard of Qwiki?

Me either but recently I received an invite to check it out in my in-box.

Here is a screen shot!

Qwiki, has heralded by CNN, Good Morning America, NYT, Forbes, etc as the next big thing.

Let's check it out together.

So, I am heading to the main screen which asks; gives us a box to input anything we want because like they say, "Qwiki knows millions of things".

Don't have anything in mind at the moment? Check out the featured Qwiki's. Today it is monuments, historical figures, natural wonders, and animals. There is also a button for the daily feature. Since the kids learned about Ground Hog Day this week, we decided to stop there first.

The kids were excited and asked me to replay a few of the features.

There is also a way to share this information on Facebook, Email, Twitter, or even embedding with an HTML code. We also loved the additional links, especially You Tube, where we saw videos of Ground Hogs.

We got to hear information and see pictures about Ground Hog Day. My only gripe is that the voice was very robotic.

After the kids went back to their respective rooms, I searched out one of my favorite shows, Spartacus on Starz. I watched and listened to what they had to say about Spartacus, then hit the link for my favorite character, Crixis, or Manu Bennett. I learned he is 41 years old and that he was in a movie called The Marine and The Condemned which I hadn't heard of before. Need to check it out!

Very cool. Saving Qwiki to my bookmarks! If you have a chance, check it out and learn something new.

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