Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Weather Is Stunning and our Schedule is Crazy

Today was a stellar day.

I got together with my girlfriend Lorie to enjoy a leisurely breakfast at a local coffee shop.

Met up with another friend and her son as they walked around the neighborhood. I love just running into people I know. Having moved so often throughout my younger life running into people I know while out was always a rare occurrence. Not anymore! Love that.

Picked the kids up from school and headed home to spend time with their Daddy and eat some lunch before we headed out to gymnastics.

When we got to Gymnastics my son and his group headed to the mats and 3 younger siblings sat there begging the moms (me included) if they could do gymnastics.

The owner came over and offered up a younger class for some additional mula of course for the little ones.

We all agreed and my daughter and 2 other 3 year olds headed over to the mat with the owner.

I was so proud to watch my daughter follow all instructions given to her. She was awesome.

Check back for video.
Our schedule is crazy but we are at gymnastics anyway so why not!!????

Right now the schedule is like this.

Monday - Handsome school and speech
Tuesday Handsome and Goddess, school. Handsome speech and OT. Handsome Karate
Wednesday - Handsome school, speech and OT. Goddess dance.
Thursday - Handsome and Goddess school, Handsome and Goddess gymnastics. Handsome Karate
Friday - Handsome school and speech

5 Giveaways underway and 5 on deck.

Life is good!

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