Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Reasons I love Being A Mom

1. The unsolicited kisses - who doesn't want one of those?

2. Waking up to a sleepy little one walking over to me and saying, "good morning Mom" with their arms raised for me to lift and kiss them good morning.

3. Getting to re-read some of my childhood books with an eager audience.

4. Feeling those little arms around my neck when I lift them up.

5. Getting to play with Play doh, Barbies, Crayons, Little People, pretend food and baby dolls without someone looking at me funny.

6. The smell of the top of my kids head and the little soft spot under their chin.

7. Being able to grab a handful of baby butt and squeezing anytime I want. Love that little baby butt.

8. The smile they get on their face whenever I look at them.

9. Waking next to them every morning.

10. Hearing them bless me in their prayers at night.

11. Listening to them talking to each other the way I talk to them.

12. Loving someone so deeply it makes you want to cry.

13. The biggest reason I love being a mom if my kids make me smile more than anyone else in the world. I laugh every day.

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  1. Awww...all good reasons.

  2. Daisy,

    They are! You are right. Thanks for checking me out.

  3. I loved smelling the tops of my babies heads. I miss that. I still love their unsolicited kisses that I get.

  4. Excellent TT! I wish my kids were small again.

  5. Ellen & Dixie,

    Thanks for checking me out.

    Nothing like the top of that little head.

  6. Very sweet list. I love being a mom of grown kids, too. I savored those days and am enjoying these, too! Thanks for visiting Miller Manor. Happy TT!


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