Sunday, March 09, 2008

Manic Monday - The Word Is CAN

Today’s word over at It’s A Blog Eat Blog world is CAN.

Can you see why I Can take 2,000 pictures of these kids a month?
Can you see why I Can love them with every single cell of my body?
Can you see why I Can live on 5 hours of broken sleep for the past 4.5 years?
Can you see why I love their Daddy sooooo much?
Can you see why I Can spend every waking moment with them?
Can you see why I call them my heart on legs.
Can you?


  1. Oh yes! With those cute and adorable faces you CAN and will do anything for them. Proud mom I'm sure.

  2. Anonymous8:09 PM

    Yes, I can...


  3. Yes I can. They are truly beautiful children and you are a very fortunate lady to have so much love in your life.

  4. Anonymous8:30 PM

    You have adorable children. I think you should take lots of photos of them b/c they are so cute! :)

    Happy MM.

  5. Why, yes I can. I'm a mom, so I know those feelings.

  6. I can see it. Kids are wonderful, a real blessing. And it's plain to see how much they love their mommy. :)

    Happy MM!


  7. Yes, I CAN! Love the photos...Happy Manic Monday!

  8. I will try, lol !

  9. Hey, thanks everyone it was great to wake up and see all your lovely comments.

    Thank you for all your lovely words. Proud mommy here will be visiting all of you this afternoon so see what you posted as well.

  10. I can. I wish I'd had a really nice digital camera when My daughter was little.

  11. Yes I can!
    wow - 2,000 pics a month! I bow before your photo-taking perseverance!

  12. Nancy, Marilyn and Mo,

    Thanks for checking me out.

    Mo, I was first, I was first...don't know why that is so exciting to me but I was first.

    Another great meme and I hope your headache is better.

  13. Yes, I can. How cute. Have a great MM. :)

  14. Yes, I can! Welcome to MM!


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