Friday 5 - My Third Friday Meme

Having fun with all these new meme's I am finding.

Got this one from Friday 5

What is your keyring like? I use one of those long neck thinga majigs. I have 2 kids whose hands need holding while we walk through the parking lots of various places so my neck is the best place to keep them. It is black and says U.S.A in white with a big silver ring holding about 8 different keys.

What is your purse/bag/briefcase like? My purse or backpack is black and was my old diaper bag. I am not ready to not use it but very recently I have been carrying around a white and black handbag that is big enough for a small pack of wipes, change of clothes for my 2 year old and her fold up potty seat.

What is your wallet like? My wallet is pathetic and isn't used correctly at all. My cards are never stored in there and money has never seen the inside of it. I mostly use it to carry various pieces of paper around and it holds my license. It is black and white and was given to me as a Christmas gift from an old boss about 9 years ago.

What is your mousepad like? No mousepad. I have use a laptop for the past 4 years. Before that my mousepad was just a free blue one that came free with the computer.
What are the curtains in your bedroom like? Ugh they are cream with flowers on them. Just a valance. I got them when we purchased the house just to have some until we designed the room but that was 8 years ago and they are still up there. They were taken down 8 times so far for cleaning and will again come down next month for their yearly washing.

Thanks for playing, and have a likable weekend!


  1. isn't it funny how the window treatments are the *last* thing we ever think about fixing or changing? i will probably be old and grey and still not have decent drapes!

  2. It is crazy and totally sucks.

    I wonder why this is? I truly need drapes in all my rooms. When I bought he house I thought I would do a room at a time and eventually the house would represent US.

    We didn't and it doesn't.

    Like u said, maybe when we are old and grey.


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