Monday, February 11, 2008

Manic Monday - Heart

The word heart makes me think of Valentines Day. I see beautiful pink and red hearts not veiny, pumping hearts.

When I doodle I tend to draw hearts. I always wondered what that says about me. Let’s look it up now. Well according to this site, it means I am a sentimentalist. Ok, I’ll take that.

Taking care of your heart means more than eating right to me.

According to this site these are the top 25 Heart healthy foods.

Taking care of your heart means:

Surrounding yourself with people who love you and you love back.
Surrounding yourself with things you love.
Being the best you that you can be.
Loving yourself.
Continuing your knowledge.
Seeing each day for the beautiful gift it is.

One of the most important things I want to tell my daughter is, “marry someone who takes care of your heart. Someone who knows you, cares for your feelings, soothes your concerns, acknowledges your accomplishments and loves you with every ounce of their own heart. Someone who will think before they speak.”

My heart was hurt today and that is because I live with someone who has no idea how to take care of my heart.

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