Thursday, February 07, 2008

First Play-Date Was A Success

Two weeks ago, someone I know, “Nurse” asked if I was interested in doing a play-date with our boys. We live on the same street and talk occasionally. Our boys are about 6 months apart in age with her boy, let’s call him Rush for story sake, being the older one. She also has a 2.5 year boy, let’s call him Linebacker because he is just such a big boy.

Nurse sent Rush to me for an hour on that first play-date because her little one wasn’t feeling well. I really wasn’t sure if the play-date should happen because if Linebacker was sick whats to say that Rush wasn’t infected and would pass something hideous onto mine? Being able to say “no” has never been one of my strong points.

Anyway back to the story, Rush was like any other kid when they first get to someones house. He played with everything and then focused on one thing. Occasionally the kids all played together but mostly that was when they were racing each other up and down my hall. After that it became a Rush and Goddess play-date. Handsome wasn’t interest about 1/2 way in.
Goddess and Rush had a good time and Nurse was awesome in picking up her son within the hour just like she said.

I was thrilled that she had suggested it and disappointed that my son wasn’t more eager to participate with Rush. We thought that perhaps he would have a better play-date at Rush’s house next time and vowed to do it again next week.

I have mentioned that I feel he has a deficiancy in social skills and that the way he plays with his sister is how I would love to see him with his peers.

Last week, I told her we were hibernating when she called to see if we were going to still have the play-date. School was closed because of the ice storm and I didn’t want to go out and really sending my son out without me for the first time was not something I was eager to do.

This morning while he was having a session with his Special Education Instructor there was a loud bang on my door. Then more banging. I looked out the window to see if FedEx or UPS was over zealous or something but saw Nurse and Linebacker running up my drive way.

It was Rush banging on the door and so excited to have his best “what’s your name again” friend come over.

Handsome hadn’t been told about this play-date and had not idea why I was dressing him so quickly. I put his shoes on him, told him he was going to play at Rush and Linebacker’s house and to stay near Nurse and have fun. He left without a look back, running down the street, holding Nurse’s hand while her two ran ahead. Considering our abandonment issue from a few months ago this is a step in the right direction.

I called her about 15 minutes into the play-date telling her this was my first time sending him out alone and that I would try not to call again but would pick him up in an hour. She mentioned that he was “so good” “a pleasure” “welcomed anytime” and that he was playing with both boys.

Goddess and I walked down there wheeling her little stuffed pig and a bear in her doll carriage. I could hear him laughing from about 15 feet away. They were outside enjoying the day and having a blast. He was being pushed on a swing by Nurse and saw me, “Look, there’s mom.”
He got off the swing and come over. “Mom I’m having fun.”

Nurse filled me in on the rest of the play-date which was him running back and forth, telling her “I’m going to check on Rush or I’m going to check on Linebacker. Bye” She also told me that he tries to keep the boys out of trouble. If he noticed them doing something they shouldn’t do, he’d say,”Oh, Rush, that’s dangerous, be care.”

Honestly I had figured Nurse would call and I would have some other reason not to send him out. I am so glad she just showed up because he had an awesome time and we made plans to try to get them together every week which will be good for all of them and eventually me.

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