Thursday, February 08, 2007

Anna Nicole Smith Dead - 1967-2007

I am so saddened by this news. I feel so bad for her and her 5 month old baby girl.
I was so sad when I heard about her son Daniel who died right after her baby was born and now to hear this I am sincerely devastated.

She is being compared to Marilyn Monrow today but Marilyn didn't leave an innocent baby girl behind.

Marilyn didn't bury her son.

I want to just sit down and cry for everything that is wrong in that baby girls life. I hope that she has strong, smart, loving people surrounding her and I hope that she is sheltered and protected as she grows up with such a bizarre legacy.

Anna always seemed so lost to me. The blonde bombshell who captivated the world with her strange, behavior and life situation. She always seems so sad to me.

I hope that Anna is now resting in peace.


  1. You know, I have been the lone voice in my family saying how sorry I feel for her... no connection with her parents that led her to peace as an adult, and the only person she felt really loved her for her - died. I thought multiple times after her son died that she would never get over it - now she doesn't have to.

    I'm glad someone else is sad with me, and not just because it's the hot story on television.

  2. I is so terribly devasting. When Daniel died I thought the same in the world will she be able to go on? I can't imagine being able to really bond with my newborn as I am burying my grown up-baby boy. Thanks for writing..I am glad I am not alone in feeling so sad about this story.


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