Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Bed Time Routine Update

The Precocious Toddler has been on an awesome bedtime schedule ever since his Daddy started working 2 nights a week. We used to put him down like most people I know. We would lie with him until he drifted and then sneak off. While the other took care of the Goddess. When the MOTH (Man Of The House) started work, we knew that things had to change. We moved out of the bed and took to lying on the floor next to the bed, then in the middle of the room, in the doorway and slowly down the hall until one night we were just out of view and he was sleeping alone. The whole time this was happening Goddess was screaming in her crib or being rocked in Moth's arms. She has never slept a night in her beautiful crib and when we head to bed she comes with us.

Toddler knows the bedtime routine. We drink some milk, brush his teeth, change his diaper, head to the bedroom, where we have already dropped off everything that is necessary to sleep with for that particular night (tonight was 2 books, blankee, Barney, a car from his Christmas train, a white Vet bag that contains, JoJo from JoJo's Circus, a cookie monster figure, 5 Little People and a flashlight). The necessities change nightly but blankeee and the flashlight are always there, then we kiss Daddy if he is here, say our prayers, and then a big kiss for Mommy and "see you later" from Toddler, "Love you Baby," from Me.

This weekend we took the side of the Goddess' crib down. We talked about it being her big girl bed the whole day. We read books in it, place her stuffed animals around it, and made it a place she would want to be.

This is the third semi-successful night. Why semi-successful...well...I lie in the crib (ha), nurse her until she falls asleep and then unfold myself so that I can get out without too much movement (another ha), she wakes 1-4 times between 8:15 - 11:30 p.m. Then ends up in my bed by the time I go to sleep about 12:15. Not bad I guess for the 3rd night and for a kid who has yet to sleep on her own.

I hope to eventually get 5 solid hours of her in there. That is my goal and I hope to have her on the same schedule as the Toddler by the end of the summer. Anything before that will be icing.


  1. Anonymous10:07 PM

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  2. Anonymous12:43 AM

    I am NOT looking forward to the Faith transition. At. All. Not at all.

    Anything short of hell will be icing. Hey - there is that devil puppy!!

    But look at how cute she looks!!!

  3. Cute maybe...but I am alreadt tired of curling and uncurling myself into that crib with her. Yuck!

    I wish you luck with Faith.


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