Friday, January 26, 2007

Too much to write about and not enough time

God damn, sometimes I feel so inspired by the numerous blogs I read. Everyone seems so creative and while I feel I do have a touch of creativity at times (when my Mommy brain isn't overcooked), I can't seem to cut out a tiny bit of time to type something up that would be enjoyable to the masses (2 people) who read my blog. While I don't write for anyone but myself, I feel that I am still "representing" and don't want to just write nonsensical commentary in my little piece of the world that is my life.

The kiddies are watching a Baby Einstein tape so here is my first attempt at a post in a long time. They are cute and they are shouting out the various words that are shown on the screen along with the sign language that goes along with the word. Yeah they are brilliant, I'm not going to lie.

I have been trying to organize a meeting with my son's various therapists (post entry here). There are 3 of them (Special Instruction - 2 xs, Speech - 3 xs, Occupational Therapy 2 x's) plus he has pre-school 2 times a week, Mom and Tot Group 1 time and anything else we manage to fit into our schedule. It is crazy and I believe totally unnecessary. I also believe this is contributing to the night terrors he experiences (averaging about 4 a month). My feeling is that his little brain doesn't have a chance to rest from all this educational, stimulating, input so he is processing crap all the time. I think I need to pull "Mom rank" here and insist on a vacation from all of his therapy for a week. Tuesday when I sit down with everyone in one place (my house) I will let them all know my concerns and instill some down time.

When I started all this therapy I figured it was free, he looked forward to it, and it was also a way for me to bounce stuff off professionals and get suggestions for various goings on with my toddlers.

I have been hearing from his teacher's in Preschool that he does great until his therapist started coming and on the days she misses he does great. Umm...what is that about? The other day they asked that everyone bring in something green for "Show and Share", the Precocious Toddler picked what he wanted to bring and I put it in his book bag. When they were ready for their "Show and Share" they asked everyone who didn't have something to look around the room for something green. My son doesn't know enough to say, "hold on I do have something, it's in my book bag, let me get it." (Hello he is only 3). Why they didn't look in his book bag is beyond me but anyway, I digress. He knows his colors but the teachers told me that the therapist held up various items for him to use. "Here, how about this?" Uh, huh bitchcuseme! Why? If she is a facilitator and the kid is doing what is expected, Back The Fuck Off!!!!

After this he decided he didn't want to participate in the "show and share." It could of been because of numerous things; he wanted to use the thing that was safely in his book bag that he had chosen, he didn't want to be told what to use or his ass hurt. Who know! So he sat under an easel in the classroom very close to the action and "appropriately, clapped and smiled" while the other kids presented." The therapist asked a teacher why she thought he was under the easel and she said maybe he just wants to be under the easel. The therapist said she thought it was because he was overstimulated. What? I swear this shit pisses me off. It is so hard sometimes to sit with a bunch of therapists and have them have reasons for everything. Sometimes things just are! No reason.

I had a convo with one of his therapists the other day and I was talking about a particular thing the boy does to get attention. He takes his hands and rushes the sliding glass doors in my dining room when we tell him no or to just get attention. The therapist pointing to her palms said, "maybe he likes the pressure on his palm." Huh? What the F!? God damn it has nothing to do with the friggin pressure on his palm, he does it because no matter what we are doing, because it is dangerous we stop everything and tell him to not do that. He actually touches the glasses sometimes and if we don't see him, he says...."No, no, no, don't touch the glass." until we notice him doing it.

Like most 3 year olds he loves, craves, is addicted to attention of all kinds, negative and positive. I call him the "Jack Tripper of the 21st century" because he thinks he's funny, and likes to do prat falls for an audience. Like I said, sometimes, things just are. No reason!

When I was in school no one had ADD or ADHD, or any other friggin problem, they just were hyper, needed a kick in the ass, or were looking for attention. Now everyone has to be diagnosed with something.

I'm tired, and this post lasted way longer than I had intended. For those of you who held in there...congrats and thanks.

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  1. I read a little of your posting regarding your son. All you can do is love him and involve him it things. I think activities like gym are great. There are to many know it alls nowadays and although some are helpful, some can be somewhat ineffective or a hinderance. I had speech lessons way back when I was 4/5. I talked like a was from Boston, Ha! Anyway I had speech all the way through about the 4/5 grade, and it did help. The other things that gave me self confidence were activities and sports. I was smart in some things, but slow or behind in others. I had the love and support of my family and that helped me through it.
    My first wife was a speech pathologist...ironic.
    Good luck, hang in there.



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