Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Just some pics

My sweet babies. I wish I could have captured the sound that went with this picture. It was a great big Mwaahhh.

They are so cute...that I can't even stand it.


  1. Are you feeling better today? I actually went to bed thinking about you - and said a prayer for your family. I hope you're feeling a little less stress.

    How could you not feel good with such beautiful gifts from God?

  2. Holli,

    Thanks for thinking of me that is very sweet and nice to know since you and Faith cross my mind all the time too. I could always use a prayer. My son and I have been doing quite a bit of prayer. He loves it and asks for "angels" all day. Basically he is asking for the "now I lay me down to sleep prayer" and then we have to go through the 500 names of people he knows.

    Feeling a little less stress but nothing has changed. Trying to just deal with the cards at hand. I am sure you know all about it. Can't change anything so why stress. Something has got to give soon right!?


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