Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Catch up....

Basically life has gotten busy. I am not sure what is so different from a few weeks ago but days are speeding by. Monday is a play date, Tuesday pre-school and library and speech for my son, Wednesday special instruction, Mom and Tot group and speech for my son, Thursday pre-school and speech for my son and Friday special instruction for my son. Busy, busy...

Today I brought the precocious toddler to pre-school and (damn I need to change his name/blog; he is no longer a toddler). I pulled up and brought him to his teacher who was waiting outside. I asked if she wanted me to bring him to class and she said she would take him. I got in the car and started pulling away. I glanced in the rear view mirror and saw him looking at me. I realized that he had never seen me drive away because I usually bring him inside. I stopped the car and waited. Would he cry, run towards the car, throw himself on the ground? The teacher waited for another kid to get out of the car, took my son's hand and walked toward the school. I watched him watch me the whole time. His little face in my mirror, wondering where his mommy was going without him. After he went inside I stopped the car and ran to the window of his class room. Was he being consoled? Was he standing by the door crying? I tried 3 windows and couldn't find him. My heart raced. He was in the corner playing with another little boy perfectly fine. The teacher noticed me and pointed to him. She gave me the thumbs up and I shot her a big thumbs up back and headed to the car.

He totally doesn't need me. My big boy is getting so big. Scary.

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