Thursday, September 28, 2006

Banshee Girl Update - I love and adore you baby girl

Way back in the day I wrote about Banshee Girl here and here and her spirit. Ok, truthfully it was her attitude that I wrote about. She is and I imagine will always be a screamer. I don't mean a little tiny baby girl scream. I am talking about the kind that makes me want to hang like a cat from the ceiling by my finger and toe nails. I have thought about hiring her out if there is a horror movie in need of a scream. She reaches Mariah Carey notes. I sometimes do refer to her as Mariah. "Be quiet Mariah" "Stop it now Mariah" probably one of the reasons she doesn't seem to know her name.

These days she is adorable, loving, sweet and funny but still a friggin, God damn, nail on chalk board, torn in my eye screamer.

She sings, "Blue's Clues," "Happy Birthday," "Dorothy the Dinosaur" (Wiggle song for your novices), and tries to sing her alphabet but only knows the melody. She does know that there is an A, E, H and S but has no idea what they look like. I love when she tries to sing the itsy, bitsy spider. She does the finger thing and just says, "eeeeiiiiitttt, out! Too cute man! My husband likes when she says, "yeahheeyyy" after you sing something to her. My other favorite thing that she does is call her brother, "Jesse, Jesse." There is nothing like hearing your second offspring calling for your first. Who knew that I would have two!??

I love that she says, hi and bye to total strangers like she is the mayor. I love that she gives big loud, kisses on the mouth. I love that she holds her cat or doll and says, "ahhhhhhh baby!" I love that every drink or edible is just called "More" and if she wants up or down she says, "I want out." I love when someone sneezes she says "Bless you" and will stop nursing to say it to me. Cuuutee!

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