Monday, August 14, 2006

Suck on this!!!

Geez..while I have been away from blogging there has been some hoopla about the July BabyTalk Magazine because there is a picture of a mom breastfeeding on the cover.

I will never understand the problem with this. I am not sure if people have forgotten that the reason we have been given breasts in the first place was so that we could friggin feed our babies. They are not just fun bags to entertain men. They are actually living, breathing, fleshly, ready to serve, milk filled bottles for our offspring.

Breast feeding is not for everyone. I for one try not to feed my daughter in public but if I actually had to I would have no problem doing it nor would I run to find a bathroom stall (gross) to feed her. I am discreet and no one even has to know that she is eating.

How much longer am I going to breastfeed has become the question I feel I am constantly answering. The answer...I don't really know. As long as my daughter wants to! She will not be nursing past four that is for sure, and if she wanted to stop now I would be ok with that too. She is slowly weaning herself so I guess we will see. My son weaned himself at 10 months so it's anyone's guess.

I will never understand the controversy on some things. I have a live and let live attitude but that is just me. I think there are people who should stop smoking, stop talking, stop driving, stop drinking, stop shopping, stop cursing; I am not telling them to stop so why should I have to stop something I am doing? Something that doesn't effect their lives in any way.

Here's a big F you to anyone who thinks that seeing someone's breast as they feed their little ones is a problem.

If you don't like it...stop staring!!!



  1. Keep on nursing as long as you and she want - good for you!

  2. Anonymous6:22 PM

    So sweet. You rock. She looks like she could be 3 in that first pic. I say do it as long as you both want to. Who cares.

  3. Mama and Lisa,
    Thanks so much. She is 16 months this week and she nurses less and less but I am so not ready to give it up. I would miss it, she would miss it and I still have no period and that is not a bad thing. Works on all counts at the moment. Thanks for the support!!

  4. I got embarrassed when I was breastfeeding if anyone watched.. but that's just because I'm so incredibly modest - but my sister wasn't.. and I just think it's whatever your personal preference is. I couldn't physically breastfeed for very long anyway - so kudos to you for being a great mom!! I wish my body had cooperated!! Stupid boobs!

  5. Holli, Ha....
    I get embarressed too. I am so modest when it comes to showing any body part. I have to say that since nursing my daughter there isn't too many in my inner circle that haven't seen my boobs.


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