Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Fl-ow Fl-ow Cuuuttee

Yesterday I put my daughter in a pair of sandals that have a separate space for the big toe (there must be some flipping name for them but not having a shoe fetish I have no clue). I must have a friggin shoe thing.

This for some reason was one of the cutest things I have ever seen. She sat down on the floor and kept pointing to the flowers "fl-ow fl-ow." Yes sweetie, those are flowers. I do not have a shoe thing myself, but to see her in these adorable shoes made me crazy.

So cute it hurts....

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  1. Your photos brought back smiles and me mories of my little ones wearing their new 'flower' sandals. (oh... a 'few' years ago now). LOL.

    I think NatureGirl had the same sandals only without the 'toe thing'. But the rest of it looks just like hers when she was about 2. Kind of made me a little sad for a moment there. ;)


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