Tuesday, August 01, 2006

I am back..sort of

I've been so busy these last three weeks. I had my niece for two weeks which was really great. She is 10 and she was a humungo help to me with the kids. We went to the park, the library, for ice-cream, pool, rented movies. ..It was wonderful to have another person in the house to assist with diaper changes, dressing kids, getting two into car seats, etc. I am sorry to see her go home and hope to get her before school starts again. She loves posing and dressing up and I love taking pictures so here is my latest muse. Along with my new favorite pasttime Photshop. 

I have also spent some time organizing my 40th birthday party. More on that later. My kids had their first sleep out experience which was fun. My sister-in-law came in from California and she wanted to get all her nieces and her nephew together for an indoor camp-out. Fun! Fun. There was one room with ac so the girls all lined up on the floor and my two kiddies and I took over the bed. No sleep that night which is pretty normal for me but I usually get at least 5 broken hours this was like 2 broken hours of sleep. Won't be doing this again too soon. Some playdates, birthday parties, loads of swimming and family time. All in all summer has been great so far. Here we are at the end of a birthday party BBQ. We were all very done, we had melted in the sweltering high 90 degree heat chasing after our little ones but we are all still smiling so I guess that says something. I can't believe that we are already heading into August. Crazy! More to come....when I have a moment to breathe...

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  1. glad to have you back! I was beginning to wonder where you were!!

    love the pics!! she is a beautiful girl!

    love to hear more about your party!


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