Thursday, February 09, 2006

Damn Hokey Dancing with the Stars

God Damn! I hate when I get sucked into really stupid, "waste of my time" shows. So tonight I was channel surfing during a Survivor commercial and I fell upon Dancing with the stars. Nick Lachey's clone brother Drew was dancing with some chick Cheryl Burke. I watched and was impressed with his dancing, he looked like a pro. What the hell is this show? Time to flip back to Survivor, back stab, back stab, back stab...ok back to Dancing...and "obnoxious lip chick" Lisa Rinna is dancing and laughing, hugging, kissing and smacking her lips...back to Survivor. Someone is voted off and I switch back to Dancing. Stacy Keebler (not sure who she is), is dancing and OMG this chick is the most awesome body I have ever seen; longest legs in the world and American girl look. Great job! Judges love her...who wouldn't?

So now I am sucked into another really stupid, hokey show. God damn Survivor and their commercials. If I had TiVo this would never have happened.

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