Thursday, February 23, 2006

American Idol - Live Elimination Round 1

The first live American Idol of the season opened with Ryan talking about the 40 million votes. 40 Million Votes! Damn! I think that is 2 times more than votes in our Presidental elections.

Simon mentions that it is obvious who is leaving!

The 24 sing "Take It Easy." I always hated this part of the show. It is so damn hokey! So strange, boring, and lifeless. Even my favorites were a bit dull.

Ryan had the back row of girls stand up Mandisa, Kelli, Aya, Paris, Lisa and Katherine stand. They are told to sit back down, they are safe.

Becky, Kinnik and Brenna are brought center stage and told that one of them has the lowest number of votes. Then in typical Idol fashion we are told that we will find out who is leaving after the break.

When we return to Idol Kinnik is told to sit. Becky and Brenna remain standing. I was so sure that it was going to be Brenna but then she was told to take a seat. Shocked! I thought for sure Becky would be leaving but not so soon. My husband thinks it's because there are a bunch of fat cows voting and they don't want to see a "hot" chick up there every week. I tend to think he is just upset that his pick for "hottest" is gone.

Then like past seasons, Becky is asked to sing her song again. I always thought this was so weird. Um yeah, you suck but can you sing the song again that got you voted off?

Becky sings, more hair flipping and we go to commercial.

Ryan brings out the guys. Two of my faves (Chris and Ace) are in the bottom row and one (Taylor) is in the top row. I get nervous!

The top row is safe and Ryan concentrates on the bottom row. Bobby and Sway are the last men standing after Ryan freaks me out by keeping Chris standing till the end. Bobby is told that he has the lowest and he says, "he knows." We suffer through another rendition of Copacabana.
Yeah thanks for that idol.

We come back from sponsorship and we are start the second round of eliminations. The same row of girls are told that they are safe. Yippy! Maybe Brenna will be going home!

Brenna and Kinnik safe. Melissa safe. Stevie and Heather are left. Which one?? I vote for it to be Stevie. Heather is told to sit. Stevie is told she is leaving. Simon tells her that she "got it wrong." Paula tells her that she is beautiful and Randy tells her that it was the wrong song.

Stevie sings and does a better job than the first time. Poor thing!

The guys are told that the original safe back row should take center stage. Ahh..Taylor is there!
They form two lines on either side of Ryan (damn, how short is he?). Bucky and Patrick are standing. I am voting for it to be Patrick. Ahhh..thank God it is. Patrick sings an even weaker version of Come to My Window.

All Idols swarm the stage hugging and kissing, credits roll and I start typing from my notes.


  1. I thought Bobby sang his song better the second time.

    I really liked Patrick during Hollywood week, but wasn't so impressed this time.

  2. Anonymous3:32 PM

    About 53 Million voted for Bush
    About 48 Million voted for Kerry

    Total population in the USA is over 281 Million

    Bottom line, you need a new calculator

  3. Ok...thanks for the statistics. I will take your suggestion into consideration. Maybe if the husband starts bringing in a paycheck I will be able to afford.


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