Wednesday, February 22, 2006

American Idol - Boys Night American Idol. So tonight it was the boys turn to show America what they've got.

The night started with Patrick Hall who sang "Come to My Window." I am a huge Melissa Etheridge fan and was so disappointed. Patrick showed no feeling and he was too soft for such an emotional song.

David Radford or the "crooner" sang "Crazy Little thing Called Love." He tried to rock it out but failed miserably. He seemed like he was begged to sing at a family gathering. He is a little cutie but I think he time is up.

Bucky Cumington My son needed his diaper changed so I didn't get to hear the title of the song but I know it was a Skynard. Regardless of the name Bucky rocked. Not sure about his longevity in the competition but he was good. My only request would be for Idol to provide subtitles when Bucky is not singing. I couldn't understand a word he said and I think Ryan felt the same way.

Will Makar or Peter Brady as my husband calls him sang "I Want You Back" He is 16 years old and utterly adorable but I don't think he has the "Chops" to go far in this competition. Paula called him Bobby Brady at the end which was funny to me.

Sway sang "Reasons" Yuck! Not a style I like! High pitch, whiny, his style is so not singing to me. Did I say Yuck?

Chris Daughtry sang "Wanted Dead or Alive" I didn't even have to hear it to know that he was going to do an awesome job. Chris has been my pick from the beginning. While he was a bit stiff while preforming, his voice makes up for his lackluster performance. I say, "Hello! Screw this competition shit and give this man a contract now! He is hot, his voice is hotter! Smokin!

Kevin Covais sang One Last Cry." When he started he looked like a scared little boy, fists clenched at his side, deer in headlight look. This kid has a great voice!

Gideon McKinney sang "Shout." I hate his pretencious attitude but thought he did a good job. Simon said he hated his smile, I can see that!

Elliott Yamin Sang "If You Really Love Me." He is good, good, good. I liked it better than Stevie's version. This guy is awesome. My husband and I loved him during rehersals but his look puts me off a bit.

Bobby Bennett sang Copacabana. Are you kidding? How did this dude get this far? Bye Bobby!

Ace Young sang "Father Figure" I love this guy's look so I closed my eyes and you know what, I still loved him. I liked how he changed the song up a bit. He was in my top 3 and I am standing by that!

Taylor Hicks sang Levon." Taylor's voice and originality makes him a favorite in my house. We love the sound of his voice and believe that even without Idol, Taylor is going far.


  1. Great recap. I didn't watch the first American Idols, and only got started last year because of fellow Okie Carrie Underwood was in the finals. Now I'm hooked.

    You nailed it with Bobby - I think he's out of there. Ace was awesome, so was Elliott.

    I also liked Peter Brady ; )

  2. Thanks Jill! I have to admit that I love Idol and unfortunately have spent way too many precious hours of my life watching. I look forward to tonights show.

  3. Well, I've been sucked right in, too! I have a thing tonight and will have to tape it. I will hum LOUDLY if anyone tries to discuss the results around me before I view it.

  4. Yeah..that would suck. Hum or kick them in the knee whichever works.


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