Sunday, July 17, 2005

One Carmel Apple Martini plus a Glass of White Wine

I'm not usually someone who drinks but today when Bekkah come over with the makings of a much discussed Carmel Apple Martini I was ready to drink and drink some more.

Bekkah, created the mouth friendly masterpiece complete with crushed graham cracker rim and fancy martini glasses that she had to bring from home because I lack the necessary drinkage vessel. I worked on lunch (salad and grilled chicken). Dessert was home made blueberry, oatmeal coffee cake and green tea ice cream. Yum!

After Bekkah left I decided to continue celebrating her birthday early by having a glass of wine with some strawberries and then an Amstel Light. All of this alcohol and lightheadedness means I have to pump and dump.

I am nursing my baby girl and obviously wouldn't fill her bottle with this liqueur so why nurse her after consuming more alcohol than I usually do in 6 months? Anyone who has ever nursed knows how hard it is to pump and dump. I am not sure why but even throwing out uneaten breast milk is enough to piss me off for about 5 minutes. I know I am not alone because I have discussed this with other nursing women and I can't figure it out. My body will create more milk. It's not like I purchased it and now I am wasting it. Why the hell are we so upset about throwing out our breast milk? Oh well, I guess I should get started.

Time to hook myself up to the pump get 6 ounces and pour it down the sink. Shed a tear, kick the door and vow to not drink again until tomorrow when I get I mean HAVE to finish the remainder of the drink that my dear friend Bekkah left for in the fridge. Moo!

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