Monday, July 11, 2005

Can't Get Moving

As I sit here drinking another cup of cold coffee with yet another Wiggle tape playing in the background and my son's clapping I am reminded of a time when I had actually had something to do. Yes I know that what I do right now is substantial! I am creating two hopefully well rounded, respectful, smart, secure individuals who will hopeful change my Depends in the hopefully far away future but I sometimes miss actually getting dressed for a day of earning an actual paycheck for the hard work I do. Getting dressed beyond my stretch pants and t-shirts, pony tail and glasses is a rare occurrence and would require me actually going into public. Ahh the days when I put contacts in, put some mousse in my hair, used a comb and a blow dryer, put on a skirt, shirt and shoes, a little eye liner and lip gloss. Man I miss looking like a women and not a lactating mom! I think it is time to make some time for me again even if the only people who will cross my path are my 2 year old and my 12 week old. I am sure they will appreciate a mom who doesn't look like Willie Nelson on a good day.


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