Monday, August 01, 2005

No Time for Myself and Banshee Baby

I started this blog in order to have a place to write about my day as a form of therapy. Unfortunately, I have had no time to myself in so long. Two days ago I headed to CVS (after spending an hour and 8 minutes in a car listening to my daughter scream like I was dipping her wee little fingers in acid one at a time) minus my babies. As I was driving I realized that this was going to be the first time since my daughter was born 3.2 months ago (15 weeks ago) that I was alone.

The trip from door to door was only 31 minutes but it was the most peaceful 31 minutes a person could ask for.

I felt rejuvenate until I walked in the door and my husband was heating up some bagged/frozen breast milk in a bottle warmer, the baby was crying and my son was writing on the table with crayon. Teach crammed a bottle of milk into her mouth saying, "I know baby, you are hungry." I had just fed her before I left so I knew there was no way she was hungry. He kept shoving the bottle in her mouth as she cried and tried to get away from it.

I took her from him because I couldn't watch anymore even though part of me said let him figure it out. I knew she was tired and as soon as I took her she calmed down and went to sleep. Why did I bother going?

MEN, they just think they know it all. Whenever Teach  is holding the baby and she starts crying he tells me that she is hungry regardless of the fact that she was just attached to my boob 10 seconds before.

She is a trying baby. I have never heard anything like it. This girl screams like she is being tortured. She doesn't let me put her down for 2 seconds before she is screaming like a banshee. All I can say is I am thankful I am not an alcoholic because I would have cirrhosis of the liver by now. God made her cute so I don't kill her.


  1. Your daughter is beautiful.

    Keep your head up and you will get through the tough times. I'm preparing myself for sleepless nights.

  2. Thank you Aaron. I love both of my babies. They are my heart of legs but man it can be trying sometimes. My son was so easy, if Skye had been first she would be an only child. Good luck with the baby. My advice would be enjoy each and every moment beause it goes so fast.

  3. OMG she's such a little sweetie!!

    I don't know much about babies but I was the nanny for my little cousin the first year of his life and his little bro. The older one was a screamer too. Ended up being that his ma's boob milk was making him gassy so she had to change to formula (like 100 times until she found the one that didn't make him sick)

    His little bro was not as bad with the milk but he liked screaming 24 hour a day cause he wanted stimulants like the vibrating chair, swing, x-mas tree lights...anything.

    Those were hard times and the poor parents looked like hell for months but once they figured out the problem things were much better.

    Good luck in finding a solution! Hang in there and just hit one possible problem after another and I'm sure you'll find out what's bugging her...she so cute. Poor baby.



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