Thursday, June 30, 2005

My Angel's Of Mercy

Yesterday I headed out minus the toddler to a friend's house. I handed my daughter off to the Angels of Mercy as soon as I walked in the door and spent the next 1 1/2 hours watching them hold her, and coo over her. I sat and watched from afar. It was a wonderful gift to have others taking care of her for me even if I was in the same room. I had a cup of tea, a glass of water, some tomato, basil and cheese, and chowed down on some fennel seeds (a recommendation from a mom, a retired nurse who insisted that it would help my daughter's colic), which were totally gross after the initial pinch I tossed in my mouth and crunched until they were a fine, woodsy, licorice tasting mess in my mouth and then swallowed them with my difficulty but hey who am I to argue. If it worked I would eat with a smile on my face the crud that gathers in the drain of my kitchen sink by days end.

I had told my husband I would leave at 3:30 pm; so while watching the hands of the long arm of the clock moving defiantly towards the number 6 I started to get anxious. I had to literally tear myself away to go home to the husband and toddler who was still napping at 4:15 pm. This tells me that my husband had his own vacation yesterday. I guess all in all everyone benefited except for the toddler who missed out on playing with the 5 kids who were at my friend's house. Oh well, next Wednesday. The ladies get together every Wednesday and we have been kindly added. Thank God!

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