Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Two New Thrillers For The Upcoming Spooky Season from Harper Collins

No One Saw It Coming (Pub Date: October 10th)

Secrets lie at the heart of every family…

When the unthinkable happens…

Hanna’s world is crumbling.

An unimaginable crime has been committed, and everyone’s looking for someone to blame. Her loved ones are under suspicion.

Now Hanna must work out who is threatening her family – before it’s too late.

No one could have seen this coming…



The Bachelorette Party (Pub Date: November 14th)

The locked-room thriller that will keep you up all night. Perfect for fans of Ruth Ware and Lucy Foley.

New Orleans: live music, endless drinks, brightly-colored attractions, the perfect place for a party…

The bride-to-be. The best friend. The cousin. The mother-in-law. The sister. The groom’s friend

The bachelorette begins on a Friday night; all six women are excited for a chance to escape their everyday lives. But then friendly rivalries turn vicious, and a game of truth or dare turns deadly.

By the end of the weekend one of them will be dead…

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