Thursday, December 22, 2022

A Concise Guide to Spring Cleaning Your Kitchen


A new year is a fresh start and the chance to become an improved version of yourself.

One way many people across the United Kingdom like to express their plans and take action to be more in control of their life and more organized is to conduct a thorough spring clean of their kitchen.

So, whether you are just about ready to start and are looking for some last-minute tips or else you are looking for some inspiration, either way, continue reading to discover a concise guide to spring cleaning your kitchen. 


Always Clean from the Top Downwards


The most basic but incredibly effective thing to know when spring cleaning any room, but especially the kitchen, is to start from the top and work downwards.

This stops any surface or area of the kitchen you have cleaned previously from getting covered with dust and debris from the top of the shelving units and cupboards. As the kitchen is a food preparation area, you prevent contamination on the work surfaces that you believe to be clean when they are not. 


Change It Up


One thing you can do to make spring cleaning a more enjoyable experience is to look into changing the design or even the basic layout of the space, and if your budget allows for it, you could even consider treating yourself to a new statement piece of furniture.

Reputable and impressively skilled designers at ligne roset chelsea supply a wide range of unique and eye-catching furniture, and there is literally every style and colour to choose from. The incentive of a new feature for your kitchen will motivate you even further to spring clean!


Don’t Forget the Appliances


Even though in an ideal world, kitchen appliances such as the microwave and oven would be entirely self-cleaning, the truth is that both pieces of equipment and also others, such as your coffee machine and toaster, should be regularly and thoroughly cleaned. 

When it comes to cleaning your oven, this simple guide should help:

1. Remove everything inside
2. Spread newspaper on the floor underneath 
3. Mix water and baking soda to a paste and spread in the oven (wear rubber gloves)
4. Add extra paste to areas with a build-up of gunk
5. Leave for approximately twelve hours
6. Use a damp rag to remove the paste 
7. Spray vinegar on any build-up of paste 
8. Wipe clean and leave to dry 


Organize Your Freezer & Fridge


After you have brought everything out of your kitchen cupboards, thrown away what is not needed, and wiped clean the shelves before putting everything back, you then need to turn your attention to the fridge and the freezer. 

Any leftover food should henceforth be labelled with a date, the shelves on the inside door should contain non-dairy drinks and condiments, and make sure you wipe the shelves down with a food-friendly cleaning agent. 

In order to reduce waste food, you should also use the drawer at the bottom of the fridge for what it is intended for, which is only fresh fruit and vegetables. 


Photo by Sidekix Media on Unsplash

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