Tuesday, December 20, 2022

4 Tips for Cooking Delicious & Authentic Indian Cuisine


One of the most culturally significant types of food and one which is adored by people of all walks of life the world over, is that of Indian cuisine. 

So, whether you consider yourself to be the next Gordon Ramsey and want to showcase your cooking to friends and family or simply wand a change, you have come to the right place. Continue reading to discover four top tips for cooking delicious and authentic Indian cuisine. 


1. Only Add Spices at the Halfway Point 

Obviously, one reason why Indian food is most people’s favorite cuisine is due to the wide array of spices, especially in the powdered form, in every single dish. 

When cooking a traditional curry, for example, resist the temptation to add the spices too soon and instead let them release their naturally aromatic components quicker when the meal is hot. Powdered spice such as cumin, chili, coriander powder and turmeric all work best once the meal has been cooking for a while. 


2. Expand Your Mind


Not just with cooking, but with a myriad of creative pursuits and activities, even the best cookbook written by the leading expert in that particular field of cuisine will still only give you the basics, with true culinary expression coming from your own experimentation. 

One of the best possible things you could do if you really want to improve your skills at creating delicious and authentic Indian dishes is to treat yourself to a meal at the legendary urban-tandoor.com, and enjoy all the dishes on offer, teaching your tastebuds the subtle art of cooking Indian food. 


3. Heat is to Your Personal Taste


Sometimes, when you go round a friend or family member’s house for dinner, you are treated to a delicious curry which you cannot actually taste properly due to the intense, eye-watering heat. 

Any Indian chef would be happy to confirm to you that there are literally no rules when it comes to how much fresh chili and chili powder you add to the dish and that it entirely depends on personal taste alone. Look at the types of chilis most often used in traditional Indian cooking, you would not go wrong with one or more of the following:

• Kanthari Chili
• Dhani
• Bhut Jolokia
• Ramnad Gundu
• Kashmiri Chili
• Byadagi Chili
• Guntur Chili


4. Use Water Sparingly


Finally, the biggest and most universal mistake people all across the country make when attempting to create traditional, authentic Indian food is that they always seem to immediately add a substantial volume of water to the dish as soon as either the vegetables or meat have been added.

When cooking an Indian feast, it is entirely counterproductive to spend so much time reducing the meal and therefore increasing the flavor combinations, just to saturate it with too much water. Indian food is unique in that its beauty essentially centers around slow-cooking and as such, you should sprinkle water as and when it is required, rather than drowning the meal. 



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