Wednesday, November 11, 2020

A Deep Dive Into The Stargirl Series

DC Comics has unleashed some pretty powerful characters. From Batman to Superman and Wonder Woman, their characters and series have left a lasting impact on culture and entertainment. However, they're not done creating by any means yet.

Geoff Johns has been hard at work and recently executively produced a new DC series called Stargirl. If you love DC Comics, have watched all they've made thus far and are hungry for more, this may be just the series to check out. If you aren't sure what to expect or don't know a lot about the series, here's some important background info that may encourage you to check out the series.

What's the base for the show?

This show is centered around youthful exploration and not letting age define someone's ability. The main character, who ends up becoming Stargirl, is all about her fun, carefree life. She loves boys, shopping and everything about her life in Los Angeles until her mom marries a new guy, and they have to move. Courtney starts off as not a super big fan of her stepdad and is upset about their move. However, she quickly comes to find out she's destined for more than shopping sprees and going on dates with guys at the mall. After figuring out her calling and learning to admire her stepdad, she starts her journey as Stargirl, fighting crime and serving justice. Talk about girl power!

What powers does Stargirl have?

While some DC characters come chock full of their own power, Stargirl doesn't have any natural powers. Instead, she finds her strength when she discovers the Cosmic Converter Belt. Finding this tool gives her a ton of enhanced skills including better agility, durability, strength, stamina and speed. She can also make a forcefield with this belt. She ends up securing another invaluable tool which also gives her the power to fly and project energy. During the series, she's inducted into the Justice Society of America where she strengthens her combat and fighting skills which she excels at even without all these other gadgets. Stargirl is the definition of fierce strength and shows age is nothing but a number. She's out saving lives and defeating bad guys while still in high school.

With so many action-packed media out there, it can be hard to find a new series to watch. Stargirl is perfect for anyone who loves seeing young people rise up, defeat injustices and figure out their calling in life.

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