Thursday, September 19, 2019

Lost Never Fails To Leave Me Wanting More

Lost Never Fails To Leave Me Wanting More

I am still reeling from last night’s 2 hour season finale.
So many twists, storyline reveals, and more mystery.
My dad and I called each other during commercials to dish and my sister and I spent an hour summarizing what we got from the finale and what we think will happen next season.
This season, flash backs have shown us that Jack, Kate, baby Aaron, Syid, Sun and Hurley all escape the island but now we know that more escaped and 1 in particular sacrificed his ride to freedom to save Kate, Jack and Hurley.
If you TIVO’d and haven’t watched it yet, I suggest you watch and then re-watch. There was so much going on.
Sawyer’s leap before whispering to Kate (btw..I had just told my dad that Sawyer was on the helicopter but I wasn’t sure why he got off “maybe to let Sun on.”) still makes me weep. Whhhhhhyyyyyy Sawyer. Whhhhhyyyyy.
I would love to know what he whispered to her. If we are following along we know that she had to do something for him when she got back but what?

When she asked “why are you telling me this?” I knew he was jumping. Grrrr…and on another note what happened to his shirt? Not that I oppose a wet, shirtless Josh Holloway but did it get eaten by a shark? He didn’t lose it while jumping in because he had it on when he came up. Anyway no biggie, wet, topless Sawyer will do any day…I digress.

Here are my questions:
So why did Jin not dive into the water when he knew the boat was about to explode?
Why did we not see a helicopter or a boat on the water when Juliet and Sawyer looked over to the now smoking freighter?
How did Locke become to be the dead guy? What made him come back if he was the “guy” in charge. Is it even Locke??????
Other than Kate being a “piece of ass” what is her role on the island and why is she so damn important?
Why is Syid working for Ben?
Why did Desmond, red haired girl, and paranormal guy chose not to go back?
Why are they lying? I still don’t get it. John asked Jack to lie but Jack never listened to him before so why now? Why trust him and Ben now, after everything else? Why trust them with the lives of people who WERE trying to get to that freighter? Who made them God?
Why were there so many shots of Penny holding baby Aaron?

Why did Syid take Hurley to someplace “safe”?
Why does Jack and Claire’s father always seem to be around? I understand him showing himself to Jack and Claire but why was he there before the bomb went off? Why did he tell Michael, “you can go now!” Kabloom!!

My OMG moments:
Sawyer jumping out of the helicopter into the ocean to save his buds.

Claire’s haunting visit in Kate’s dream “Don’t you dare bring him back!”

The phone call Kate receives during her dream sequence where the garbled message if listened to backwards says, “the island needs you. Go back before it is too late.” Too late for what??????
Locke being in the casket. How and why did he come back?

Sun screaming in the helicopter after watching the freighter blow up with Jin on it.

Sun (all decked out like a secret agent) growing a huge set of balls while on the island and sticking it to her father and then her meeting to set up a meeting with Whidmore.
Syid working for Ben (just killing a la vigilante style).
God damn Walt got big.

The Octagon Global Recruitment commercial that aired during the finale. WTF?Ben making the island disappear (or travel 10 months into the future which is the time travel Ben does during his Casimir Effect that brings him to the Sahara Desert)after walking through some blown out hole and entering a frozen, snow covered, what the hell was it, room. What the hell did he steer? Was that the wheel of a ship? When he walked through that rabbit hole and entered the frozen area, I felt like I was watching Logan’s Run. (anyone ever see that movie?)
So, what we know for next season:
Sawyer, Juliet, and a bunch of others are on the island.
Jack has to get the rest of them to go back to the island.
Ok, now I am off to watch the alternate endings. Ta
Oh as for the kiss….whatever. It was semi hot. Where was the tongue damn it?

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