Monday, May 27, 2019

S'Mores Better Than Ever #stuffedpuffs #smores

Introducing Stuffed PuffsÔ the first
stuffed marshmallow, filled with real chocolate.

The S’more, a century-old American tradition, has been re-born. On April 28th, Stuffed Puffs™, the first and only filled marshmallow – made with real chocolate – debuted at WalMart®.  Stuffed Puffs has created an innovative and proprietary manufacturing process to do something that’s never been done and “make a good thing even better.”

Everyone loves s’mores. But not everyone loves making them. Juggling marshmallows, chocolate bars and graham crackers around a campfire, or hot grill, can be a sticky challenge. All too often, the marshmallow does not get hot enough to melt the chocolate. Stuffed Puffs ingeniously solves the problem by putting the chocolate inside the marshmallow: “the chocolate melts while the marshmallow toasts.”  It’s the fail-safe way to make a perfect s’more.

“The idea was born around a campfire” said Michael Tierney, who graduated from the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY in 2010. “It’s a simple idea, but very hard to execute, which is why it hasn’t been done before. I spent seven years figuring out a truly innovative system that breaks the rules of traditional candy making. I’m so excited it’s finally here.”   

Stuffed Puffs is the easy new way to make a good old-fashioned American favorite,” Tierney continued. “But s’mores are only our starting point. We are already at work on different flavor and coating combinations that will make Stuffed Puffs much more than just a campfire-season product.” 

Stuffed Puffs is available at WalMart® stores across the country in time for Memorial Day weekend, the traditional kick-off for America’s summer season. Consumers should keep an eye out for them, as they are going to be one of the season’s hottest new items. At a suggested retail price of $3.98, Stuffed Puffs are likely to move off the shelves as fast as they are gobbled up at barbecues, campfires, and everywhere else family and friends get together to enjoy the summer.

The 411:

My kids and I loved these marshmallows. They love marshmallows any which way but I only like them once they have been charred. Well...that is how it use to be. I will eat a whole bag of these charred or uncharred if I wasn't concerned about my waist. I love them! The kids and I love that we don't need to have a bar of chocolate on hand to make S'mores. It certainly made things easier to have the chocolate already inside. 

I was sent a box of Stuffed Puffs with skewers and Graham Crackers to try them out for myself. The box had 2 bags of Marshmallows inside yet we have already bought 2 more bags. I got a bunch of gavones in my house. I order to take these pics I needed to run out and get more marshmallows. Can you imagine? Is nothing sacred?  

My favorite way to eat a marshmallow

If your family likes S'mores, I highly suggest these yummies. I cannot wait to try them in my hot chocolate. 

Craving them right now....

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary product for my honest opinion. No monetary compensation was offered. 

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