Sunday, January 27, 2019

My Life In Pictures - December 30 - January 12, 2018

December 30 - A crucifix found in my grandfather's jewelry box. I believe it is the one that is included in a funeral arrangement. Possibly from one of his parents. My dad has the one that was included with my mom's memorial arrangement.

December 31 - Snapchat photo taken with my husband. This was the second shot because when I saw the first shot I told him that he looked unhappy so he said, "let's take another one." Notice the cheesy smile. Mine was the same in both photos.

January 1 - Our midnight photo!

January 2 - Luna trying to hide among the stuffies. I see you Luna!

January 3 - My Christmas gift was a new Sirius Radio for my truck. I love that I can watch DVD's. I spend a lot of time in the car waiting for kids from various things. 

January 4 - Sage hiding in a decorative box under the tree.

January 5 - Visited one of my day time students who isn't in the daycare anymore. Got to meet her new baby brother and play with Emma. She was one of my favorites in fact, I still have her photo in frame from her mother on my dresser. No photos of my kids on my dresser but Emma is there. This Hello Kitty sticker was put on my arm by Emma. I noticed it on  my arm at the end of the night. I couldn't bring myself to remove it until it was time to shower. I love and miss her. Sometimes you get very attached to your day time kids.

January 6 - What?! No photo? UGH!

January 7 - The size comparison of these two siblings from the same momma but obviously another mister is astonishing. Look how big Mr. Jinx is to Sage.

January 8 - Goddess's art for January has a pet pig.

January 9 - Another day without a photo. UGH...

January 10 - Snapchat allowed me to be a Pink Lady. Loving the colored look. Have always wanted to do it but so afraid to mess with my hair.

January 11 - Took a photo of my Handsome with Snapchat. He looks adorable in blue.

January 12 - This photo is a true representation of when Goddess and I are together.  All we do is laugh. Well laugh when I am not trying to wake her up the morning.

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  1. I found the same crucifix that was my Mom’s and gave it to my daughter. Her 2 girls (my sweet granddaughters) are fascinated with the beautiful colors in the beads.


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