Friday, July 13, 2018

The Perfect Snack For On The Go #Chocodate

Get ready to transport your senses! Chocodate started as a hidden treasure in Dubai and is now a globally recognized treat! This delicacy blends the flavors of an almond covered date covered in chocolate, taking your taste buds to the Arabian desert and the mountains of Switzerland and back again!

With four flavors to choose from - Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, Coconut and White Chocolate - which will be your favorite?

Let me know if you have any features you are working on that this delicious snack that's easy to take on the go is a fit for and if you'd like samples! More info below! Thank you!! All the best, ~Chelsea

Chocodate features:
A delicious combination of an almond inside a date and covered in chocolate. 
Bite sized delicacy combining natures finest ingredients 
Individually wrapped and easy to take on the go 
Gluten-free / GMO free 
Choose From: Milk Chocolate, DarkChocolate, Coconut or the variety pack that includes white chocolate, too 
Mouthwatering delight 
Great for gifts, parties, a daily treat and more.

The 411:

I am in love with Chocodate. We were able to review Dark Chocolate and a variety pack. We are dark chocolate fans in this house.  

What we loved most was that they taste great. There are so many flavors involved here and different textures. First you bite through the chocolate coating hitting the soft sweet date before biting into the almond inside the date. It is a perfect taste combination. 

The size is the perfect bite size too. The fact that they are individually wrapped make them easy to stuff in your pocket or bag to take with you.

We love them! 

Check out Chocodate on their website above and their social channels Facebook and Instagram

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