Tuesday, May 08, 2018

Easy Days and McDonalds

Back in the day my kids were happy to just be on the deck, eating some McDonalds and playing with mommy all day. Who wouldn't want those days back?

These posts are mostly for myself and my kids. I make blog books every year based on my personal posts (not reviews) using this as a diary/journal/scrapbook for my kids.

This pictures are from my deck, May 2008. My son's hand looks crazy but his face is too cute not to include. In the background is a playhouse that we got for the kids and eventually donated to their preschool when they grew out of it.

He was busy but not sure what he was doing with his hands in these shots. Maybe I was making him wait for his Happy Meal until I got a pic.

Who doesn't love fries?Obviously this girl does!

Those little faces are so cute. We were under the gazebo which was attached to the slider of my dining room at the time. It was perfect because on beautiful days we often left the sliders open so we had extended space. The kids loved it because they could play, and eat in there as well as watch DVD's on the computer. I loved it because we were all together.

That face! LOL. He was zoning!

She is a clown!

She was NOT looking behind her but asked me to get a picture of her "butt". I did because how could you now? That eyelet skirt with bloomers is adorable.

Got myself in a shot. I was there too so may as well show up in a pic or two

I think I am trying to eat her ear or stubbed my toe. Not sure which one but that would be the face I use for either.

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