Monday, October 23, 2017

The Many Uses Of Honey

We use a ton of honey in this house. 

Here are just 10 of the things we do with honey here:
Add it to our tea (every single day)
Make a drink with apple cider vinegar, honey, cinnamon and lemon that we drink (every morning)
Use it on cuts if I am out of Neosporin. It happens too often. Thank God for honey.
Use it as lip balm when my lips are dry
Mix milk and honey for a great facial mask.
Add it to my muffins instead of sugar
Make a thick cough syrup with ginger, lemon juice and honey

So I was really excited when I was asked to try Rice's Raw & Unfiltered Honey. It is yummy! My daughter and I loved the Local Great Lakes better than the Local NorthEast. We found it less sweet which works in many of our uses better but they are both amazing.

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  1. We love honey here. Thanks for all of the great tips to use honey. I'm definitely trying the drink recipe.


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