Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Just When I Thought My Kids Were Getting To Old

It breaks my heart that my kids are both older than 10 (Handsome a teen and Goddess a tween). I long for the days they were babies and toddlers.  I love being able to keep them safe from the world and having them all to myself knowing that if Mommy was on the job nothing bad could happen to them.

They both are in public school against my better judgement. They both are online although I monitor it constantly and they are both almost taller than me. Handsome by 2 inches and Goddess about 3 inches shorter. I'm 4'11 so it is not hard to be taller than me but these a huge indication that they are getting older every day.

My heart breaks knowing that my babies will have their own lives soon and there is nothing I can do about it. I pray I have taught them to always make good choices, be accountable, be responsible, be kind and always make sure you treat people the way you want to be treated.  I know those days are coming quick....
Until this week...when this happened.


This is a tent combo that they were so excited to see come in the mail. I was reviewing it for our little cousins.  Hmm...not with my kids around. They both played for a while then Goddess stated...this is NOT going anywhere. We are totally keeping this mommy.

I felt like my living room was reliving the moment when I had toddlers and I was holding and playing with my babies.

She loves it so much she has been sleeping in it. She has to sleep with her body outside the tent but she is loving it and truth be am I!

6:00 AM Time to wake for school but this girl is having non of it!

I miss them small!


  1. That is so neat to see them reliving parts of their younger childhood. I have 3 kids, and sometimes my 17 year old daughter will play silly games with her 9 year old brother. It's neat to watch, and brings back memories.

  2. oh! too funny! it is hard when they grow up...

  3. It looks like they're having lots of fun!

  4. My kids are all grown up hated it


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