Monday, April 11, 2016

Quiver by Chrissie Anthony - A Book Review

The 411:

This debut novel by Chrissie Anthony is a sexy read about Eve who lost the love of her life and is having trouble moving on. At 49 she hasn't allowed herself to fully appreciate and accept the powers that her womanhood allow her.  When her friends finally talk her into trying online dating she starts to peel back the layers that will eventually lead to her metamorphosis as a sexual human being who loves sex and her own femininity. But until she can fully embrace her new self she will have to kiss some frogs along the way, invest in a catalyst for the change and give herself over to someone else who can help her open herself up. There is that abstract enough for ya....writing this I wonder if I have given you enough to decide if the book is for you.

Basically in a nutshell Quiver is about a woman who like most of us has a Goddess living inside her but she doesn't know how to let her out. I loved reading about Eve. I loved that she was older, had a few miles on her and some baggage. This made it something I could totally relate to. I loved her relationship with her girlfriends because we all have them and most of us wouldn't be able to get through a day without our core group of friends. 

It is a great read. You will love it. 

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