Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Candy For Your Eyes

Skip the traditional powder eye shadow and opt for the new Hard Candy Eye Def Chrome Eye Shadow Crayon.  Available in seven great shades, the Hard Candy Eye Def works as a shadow for a shimmering pop of color. 

Hard Candy Eye Def Chrome Eye Shadow Crayon, $6
·  A soft creamy formula that is easy to apply
·  Used on the lid or to smudge along the lash line
·  Available in 7 shades including Wicked White, Gladiator, Psychedelic Purple, Blazing Blue, Electric Emerald, Adore Rose Gold and Blazing Pink

I love make-up. Playing experimenting and doing other people's make-up was always really fun for me. After having kids I did mostly basic eyeliner, mascara and lip gloss. In the past few months I have gotten back into the idea of make-up and remember how much I love it. 

The Hard Candy Eye Def Chrome Eye Shadow is so creamy when you put it on. It has a sparkly fun look that I always associated with partying and good times. 

My 10 year old loves anything sparkly and asked that I use some one her eyes to show off the eye shadow for my blog. She was loving herself.

Last week for Wacky Wednesday at school I use the Hard Candy on my eyes and lips.


  1. The crayons look great! Gotta go to my local Walmartt to check them out,

  2. I ove the look. It completely transformed your eyes. Beautiful!


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