Monday, February 01, 2016

One Quick Stop In The Candy Shop

My favorite candy store makes me happy the moment I walk in. Thankfully it isn't close to me and I have to travel to it. Also, when I go, I am financially able to make rational decisions even though the little kid in me wants absolutely everything.  However, the one thing I cannot stop myself from doing is taking a hundred photos when there.

The set up makes me smile. It is so colorful. There is always something new and even the name makes me smile. Fizzy Lifting Drink. If it sounds familiar it should. You may remember it from Charlie and The Chocolate Factory.  The store totally reminds me of the movie and when I do visit, I stay no less than 30 minutes because there is so much to look at.

Check this place out.



  1. sweet photo

    have a good Tuesday

    much love...

  2. Who doesn't love stopping in a candy shop on their way to anywhere? Nice images. Have a blessed Ruby Tuesday.


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