Wednesday, February 03, 2016

My Dear Daughter Is Going To Be The Death Of Me

I love my Goddess and any friend or reader of mine knows this is no lie. I spend way more time with her than any other person on the planet. She is my baby girl and will be forever. I absolutely love being with her, find her to be one of the funniest people I know and feel sad when she is not around. She is the reason I know there is a God and would do anything for her. However with all that said, she makes me angrier than any other person I know.

Let me explain....mornings are not a friend to this girl. She becomes a completely different person when she is woken up. She is angry, mean, and at times tries to hit me.

Every morning the process takes at least 20 minutes with me starting with "Good morning beautiful. Come on honey, time to wake up and usually ends with me yelling and angry. It is not the 20 minutes that make me crazy is it her thinking that at 10 it is OK to yell, scream or what hit at me?! She must have lost her ever loving mind.

It is never OK to hit your parents. Especially when they would die for you.  The rest of the day this chick is chill. My little buddy. Someone I look forward to being around but the mornings.....

UGH...we had a long talk in the car after handsome went into school, (he loves running in the moment we get there and she loves waiting until the last possible moment), but I doubt there will be a change. It's not like we haven't had these talks a million times before.

Her teenage years are going to kill me but until then...our morning car time selfies.



  1. isn't that all what daughers supposed to do ;-)
    the greater the love the more effect they have on you...

    Have a nice abc-day / - week
    ♫ M e l ☺ d u ♫ (abc-w-team)

  2. Don't worry, Maria! I survived 2 daughters and you will survive the one. Just keep smiling and telling her how much you love her. Draw the line when/if she tries to do something dangerous to herself or others, but stay cool...she will grow up one day.

    abcw team

  3. Never had a mom who bothered, my father was much easier he gave me a alarmclock and wished me luck when I was 12. I'm not a morning person I kick out my cat if he bothers me and I don't care if it's raining uh cats and dogs (5 minutes then I feel guilty). Somewhere I once heard someting like: You get the children you need (so I guess you where the same?) and teenagers tend to check you if you are strong enough for there moodswings so if I see these photos I guess you are. Absolute delight this blogs and these photos.

    Liesbeth ABCWT

  4. The teenage years scare me! Luckily I have around 8 more years to get ready before my girls get there- if that's possible. Love the selfie pictures!!

  5. My girls are still in preschool but I'm already afraid of the teen years! Luckily I have time to prepare my nerves :-) Love the selfies Maria!!

  6. I have a nearly 12 y.o. daughter. Waking her is NOT fun Not as dangerous as YOUR experience, but she IS grumpy in the extreme.



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