Saturday, September 27, 2014

Our Summer With Minature Horses

This Summer we were fortunate enough to hang with some long time friends. We have known them since Goddess was 1 or 2.

I met Lisa at Mom and Tots along with her little guy Hunter. She has three kids but Hunter is the same age as Goddess so I didn't know her oldest who was already in school by the time I met Lisa and her adorable daughter wasn't around yet. Since Hunter and Goddess are the same grade we see them often. We have never hung out outside of mom and tots or a quick hi at the park or school but since Goddess and Hunter were in the same Summer school reading class this was the Summer to hang and I honesty miss Lisa and her family. We did a lot of new, fun things and Summer wouldn't have been the same without them. Since school started haven't even had a chance to talk.

Lisa and her family have miniature horses and since we have never seen them she invited us over after a day of hiking.

Hunter is going to one day have his own show, I'm, sure. He is barefoot here as he was the whole day. We hiked and he did the whole hike barefoot.

Handsome was very upset over the electronic fence.

Goddess and one of the horses.

Is it my imagination or is this horse giving me the stink eye?

They were so very sweet

Handsome didn't have a favorite!

So cute!

Hunter is getting ready to brush the horses and Goddess isn't fair behind. I think that chicken wants in on it too!

Good times

This was such a great experience for my kids and it made me think of my younger years when my best friend Peggy had a horse. I was a little older than Goddess but it was some of the best times of my childhood.

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  1. It is so good for children to experience animals at close quarters. It teaches them to love and respect all life and nature. Nice pictures.


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