Monday, March 10, 2014

Mr. Clean Is Definitely Our Man For Spring Cleaning #shespeaksup #MrCleanMorePower

We received an awesome package the other day in the mail. It was a beautiful blue box featuring one of our favorite bald guys.

Mr. Clean is definitely a product I have always kept under my sink. What is it about a cabinet full of cleaning products that we love so much?! Spring Cleaning has come early to my home thanks to Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle.

What we loved most about this product is....well....hold up; Goddess loved the box and it is still in her room. She has used it as a bed, a play area for her toys, a table for her tea party, a desk and more. 

What I love is the product is that the product not only smells amazing but you use a lot less than usual. This new gel formula has 2.5X more power than past products and the the cool Auto Stop cap gives you just the right amount of product. Less product, means less waste which we will feel in our pocketbooks.

So far I have used Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle diluted in water to wash the floors but I have also used it directly on a sponge to give my wall paper a nice clean rinse while making the room smell fabulous thanks to the smell of Gain!

I plan on getting more of this product, it will be a cabinet staple.  Our next project is getting to all our summer clothes in storage. A once over with a sponge and Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle will ensure that the dust doesn't hit our clothes.

When are you planning your Spring Cleaning.

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary product for my honest opinion. No monetary compensation was received


  1. Oh, this would be very nice to have for the up coming Spring cleaning day's coming up soon.

  2. That's awesome that she loved the box!! Sounds useful in many ways!

  3. I have been using Mr. Clean for years now, I really like how it leaves everything smelling so fresh and clean while using it. Spring cleaning day's coming up soon!


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