Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Our 2nd Official Snow Day!

We live in the boonies, not going to lie. I love it here but the winter does change our every day life. My kids have already missed three days of school (two because the school closed and one because I held them since school was scheduling an early dismissal one day due to a storm) because of the weather since last week. UGH! Things for them are difficult enough in school with the Core Curriculum nonsense, but missing days makes everything harder.

While I love snow days and look forward to my kids being home with me, I am wondering how we are going to proceed as winter gets harsher. 

Looking forward to having a lazy morning, getting some chores done and heading out with the kids to shovel and play.

Here are some photos from our last snow day.


Some of the decorations on our outdoor tree make me smile. See me in the reflection?
Some people take their flags down but we let ours fly all the time! IMG_3489
It was just a dusting at first!
Eventually the kids had enough to sled down the hill in the back. It isn't big but they love it. Who says Body Boards are only for water?


It was Goddess' idea to try them out. One day they will have sleds 
IMG_3525 IMG_3531 

When they got bored of the hill, they moved onto the steps.

 IMG_3522 IMG_3521

And finally a selfie!

How is the weather were you are?


  1. Oh gosh, being born and raised in Michigan and after so many years, I now am so sick of snow and the ice. I love the first snow fall then it can go away. As a child, I loved ice skating and all that fun stuff but the older I got, the harder the winters were. Now, in Florida loving this weather. Love the selfie, great pic of you

  2. Like they say, "Let it snow"

  3. We had ice on the roads-alot of accidents. Today the temp is going down-guess winter is here

    tiramisu392 (at) yahoo.com

  4. That's a pretty selfie :)
    One day the temperature is 30, the next day it is 60 here...crazy! Makes dressing your kids impossible!

  5. I love the pictures! We live where it doesn't snow and boy does it look fun where you are.

  6. Brrr looks cold but nice pics and great selfie! Goddess and Handsome both look their having a blast playing on that snowy hill. My family and I live close to Wyoming and we got a bit more snow today. I'm hoping to take my granddaughter sledding for the first time tomorrow :)

  7. Makes me shiver just looking at this

  8. Wow looks like your kids had a ball, was 60's yesterday here in Oklahoma and tonight have chance of ice and snow, I hate that the weather changes so rapidly and that it is on a holiday weekend. You kids looked like they had a ball sledding, we are at top of hill and my boys always love sledding here.

  9. I am thinking I'd love just a little bit of this Christmas morning. Would you mind sending some to Florida?

  10. I hear y'all may be getting more...true? How much do you have now?

  11. I am really wanting just a bit of snow for Christmas. It is going to be a tab bit cooler here but doesn't much seem like Christmas in shorts. I guess I had too many years like y'all are having and that is Christmas to me

  12. We have so much i've lost track.

  13. I am envious this morning that we have none at all. I only want a little bit to make it feel like Christmas

  14. Now that it's the day after Christmas I no longer miss the snow...lol. But I'm sure the kids here would love some to play in

  15. you getting tired of the snow yet?

  16. I'm jealous!!! I grew up in MN and saw all the beautiful snowfall... It was my favorite time of the year. I have since moved to CA and haven't had the luxery of even visiting to see snow in almost 4 years now. I keep meaning too, but keep missing out. My poor 3 year old don't even know snow fun exists. Can't wait to show her someday. I know people complain when they got it, but i sure miss it now that I don't.

  17. I was watching yesterday on a big noreaster coming within a few weeks. This one could make piles of snow for many

  18. Were in the 80's I love looking at snow but could not live in it makes my joints hurt.

  19. I went to the Winter Classic on Jan 1st. We stayed through the blustering cold and constant snow. We were all there cheering on our Red Wings during a Winter Weather Advisory... But we did indeed have a blast. I love the snow, I grew up out west around the tumbleweeds.

  20. Anonymous10:39 AM

    Wow, your family is having such a great time in the snow. We have 9 inches here today. I like hot chocolate the best of all when its snowing.
    marypopmom (at) yahoo (dot) com


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