Thursday, November 28, 2013

November Update

Originally posted November 28, 2007

Life has gotten hectic. I enjoy when it’s busy but hate when I feel like I don’t get a chance to live in the moment and reflect on pivotal events that are soaring by.

Thankfully I take enough pictures that I actually have a sort of photo journal in case I forget something that I didn’t get the chance to submerge myself in. I can look through my photos and see my entire month as you would a calendar.

This month the photos show that my son dressed up as Stephanie from Lazy Town complete with pink wig and pink dress. We visited a friend with a dog and my daughter was able to spend some time petting the animal who was caged at the time without it jumping all over her which she absolutely hates.  There was a trip to the mall with the same friend and her son where the kids had lunch and then were able to ride on some typical mall rides. Put in your hard earned 50 cents and the kid can bounch up and down for 2 minutes. I don’t understand why they like it but they do.

We also took a trip to the Staten Island Children’s Museum with my sister, cousin and their respective children. It was a rainy, grey, gloomy day but the museum was fun and the cousins enjoyed spending a few hours together and my two can’t wait to go back. They mention it at least two times a day with a wishful shout out, “we’re going to the museum tomorrow!” To which I reply “not today sorry. but soon”. I hope to get them back there before February. I would love it to be earlier but I prefer to be realistic.

There was a trip to the park where the kids and I had the entire place to ourselves for about 45 minutes and we were in our glory. Mostly we just went up and down the enclosed tubular slide. Unfortunately there are no pictures of this day, I didn’t know we were going to end up there but as I passed it, I realized that beautiful days will be few and far between in the next few months so might as well take advantage of the warm sun while we can.

There were many hours of freelance typing this month also which obviously there are no pictures but who the hell wants to remember being chained to a table for hours typing monotonous bullshit? Not I, my friend!

November 22nd brought us a beautiful surprise when we awoke to a winter wonderland. Our first actual accumulation of snow. The kids were so excited and wanted to go sledding. There really wasn’t enough for that but it did make for a picturesque morn.


November 23rd gave us a Thanksgiving party at Pre-K where I got to see Handsome behaving and participating nicely in class. He sat with his little girlfriend and wore a pilgrim hat. He was allowed to chose between and Indian or a pilgrim but he chose the pilgrim. I wonder what that means if anything.

Thanksgiving day, had me cooking for 8 which was fun and unexpected. The food was good, the company ok, the dishes too friggin many. There was a brief kitchen fire when Teach decided it would be a good idea to pop the turkey bag before removing it from the oven which obviously sent turkey juice, champagne and apples (which I use everytime I roast a turkey) to spill into the hot oven resulting in a small, albeit scary fire.  At least I have a Thanksgiving story to tell in the coming years. This was the first time I have done Thanksgiving, usually I head to the in-laws so at least it was eventful.

After that, there was a bridal shower for a cousin who I believe is too young to marry but I guess when you know it’s love you know it’s love. Who am I to say what’s right for someone? I know it wouldn’t have ever been right for me but maybe this is exactly what she is supposed to do.  Good for them for finding each other with so many years to enjoy life together. I wish them luck.

On another note my love of the written word as allowed me to finish two more good books as this month comes to a close.

First, Middlesex which took me about 169 pages to finally get into and then it moved so quickly. I enjoyed it and would recommend everyone skipping the first 167 pages, putting your feet up and reading a really decent book.

Along with that I read Heroin Diaries a Year in the Life of a Shattered Rock Star by Nikki Sixx which I recommend to everyone who likes rock, everyone who liked Crue, everyone who has an addictive personality and everyone who wants to read a brutally honest book and anyone who likes to read!!!

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