Dialogues with Handsome – The Penis Convo

Originally posted on In the Blink of An Eye on February 27, 2008

Saturday morning my son was lying in my bed drinking his milk and I was getting dressed.

Handsome: Mom, do you have a penis?

Me: No, I don’t have a penis.

Handsome: Do you want to go buy one at the store?

Me: No, sweetie. Mommy doesn’t want to buy one at the store.

Handsome: Mom, you have a bagina?

Me: Yes.

Handsome: Daddy has a penis?

Me: Yes.

Handsome: Daddy and I have a penis.

Me: Yes.

Handsome: Mom, you don’t want a penis?

Me: Yes, No, oh never mind. Honey drink your milk.

Geez…do we have to have a penis conversation every time he catches me getting dressed? I think it is time to go into the locked bathroom.


Renee said...

Hahaha! Someday Handsome will read this post and be mortified that he talked penises and "baginas" with his mom :)

Robin Wilson said...

Pardon me but, LMAO!! :) Thank you so much for making me laugh on a Monday morning! I remember having this same type of convo with my son when he was little. I tried to explain, but then it ended up with ~ Go ask Daddy! LOL

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