Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Koala Kid A Walmart Exclusive Movie For Kids - DVD GIVEAWAY

Journey down under with a koala bear named Johnny in this laugh-filled, action-packed animated adventure featuring an all-star voice cast, including Rob Schneider, Tim Curry and Alan Cumming. When a twist of fate mistakenly transforms him into a fearless protector of animals called "Koala Kid," Johnny goes on a thrilling trek across the outback, where he just might become a true hero after all.

The 411:

Poor Johnny is an albino koala and different from all the other koalas. They make fun of him and ostracize him making him feel odd and different until he meets a monkey and Tasmanian devil who take him on a wild adventure through the outback. Johnny longs to just fit in.  After some chills and thrills Johnny makes friends, finds a love interest and becomes a hero with all the other Koala's wanting to be JUST like him.

This is some great CGI animation. The movie is colorful, funny, some scenes of the Outback are downright realistic! There are some scary scenes with wolfs, snakes, and an alligator but thankfully the humor and action will keep the younger audience from becoming frightened.

Some interesting facts about Koalas

  • ·         Did you know a wombat’s closest living relatives are the koala?!
  • ·         Koalas sleep for a total of 20 hours a day! While this might seem like a lot, this is because their diet is mostly made up of eucalyptus leaves, which aren’t very nutritious!
  • ·         Just like kangaroos, young koalas are known as joeys and take around a year to fully develop!
  • ·         A koala’s belly fur can reflect solar radiation! Who needs solar panels? Just us measly humans, eh!?
  • ·         The koala brains take up just 60% of its skull! The rest is full of fluid which has been said to act as a shock absorber, cushioning the poor koala if they fall from the tree.
  • ·         Koalas aren’t very social animals and spend just 15 minutes a day on socializing! What a moody bunch.
  • ·         From pregnancy, it only takes 30-35 days for a koala to give birth! When the joey is born he is a miniscule 0.5 g
  • ·         Koalas live on average from 13 to 18 years in the wild. Females usually live longer as the males live a much more hazardous lifestyle!
  • ·         Several famous and political leaders have had their pictures taken with koalas! These include Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Harry, Pope John Paul II, US President Bill Clinton, Soviet premier Mikhail Gorbachev and South African President Nelson Mandela.
  • ·         On Paul McCartney’s / Michael Jackson’s duet album Say Say Say, The song "Ode to a Koala Bear" appears on the B-side!
  • ·         As cute as Koalas are, as with most wild animals, they cannot legally be kept as a pet in Australia or anywhere else.

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Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy of this DVD for my honest opinion.


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