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Safe Haven on Blu-Ray Bring The Romance In Time For Mother's Day

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 Film Debuts on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital HD May 7

Ever feel like starting over? Sometimes you don’t have to make drastic life changes to feel good about yourself.

Star Julianne Hough’s latest film Safe Haven (Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment), which arrives in stores on Blu-ray, DVD and DHD May 7, follows the story of a woman who made drastic changes in an effort to start over.  Safe Haven is based on the novel by best-selling author Nicholas Sparks (The Notebook).

Hough plays Katie, a woman moves to Southport, North Carolina and sparks the interest of the locals, especially Alex (Josh Duhamel), a handsome widower. Part of Katie’s healing process involves moving into a small house and remodeling it. Painting her new home provides her with much needed joy and catharsis, as well as a place to call her own.

In celebration of Safe Haven’s home entertainment release, we’ve compiled a list of fun, inexpensive, DIY d├ęcor tips for your abode:

1.      Gallery Maven – use floating shelves to hold your decorative objects and funky art pieces. Stagger them to make the shelves really stand out! Feeling adventurous? Re-purpose an old wine crate as a display shelf.

2.      Clean Those Brushes – can’t paint your apartment walls? No worries, paint your furniture. A new coat will give your favorite desk or nightstand a new life.

3.      I’m Open! – Don’t have enough cupboard space? Get a metal shelving unit. The open space can allow you to store kitchen staples in fun unique ways.

4.      Put Bird On It – No money for art? Try a decal! Use it on picture frames, mirrors and lamps.

5.      Pillow Fun – Have fun with pillows of all colors, shapes, and sizes. Your couch, bed, and pets will thank you.

6.      Towel Off – Bath, guest and shower towels get all the attention. But what about dishtowels? The good news is they don’t have to match your kitchen, so have fun with designs and colors you like.

7.      Vase It – Any room will be immediately brightened up with a pretty vase and flowers, including the bathroom. No vase? Try a mason jar. Feeling experimental? Use wine bottles as vases and use brackets to hang them on the wall.

8.      Apothecary Meet Mason – storing them in apothecary or mason jars can gussy up everyday items like cotton balls and Q-Tips. Simple yet elegant.

9.      45s and 33s – Do you own records that are too scratched up to play? Don’t toss them; hang them strategically from your ceiling or from your wall.

10.  Candle Love – Don’t get rid of your current glass candleholders. Dress them up with twine and lace to give them a new look!

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  1. Josh Duhamel but i would rather it be Ryan Gosling

  2. Josh Duhamel is correct and fine with me :)

  3. Josh Duhamel is the lead and he's cool.

  4. The lead is Josh Duhamel
    Thank you!

  5. Josh Duhamel - very handsome guy

  6. Josh Duhamel.. he did a great job in the movie.

  7. Josh Duhamel but Ryan Gosling is the sexiest!

  8. Josh Duhamel is the lead in the movie. But, I get weak in the knees for Jake Gyllenhaal.

  9. sweepstakes entry: josh duhamel plays the male lead in safe haven.

  10. Josh Duhamel :) Although I do love me some James Franco ;)

  11. The answer is Josh Duhamel

    (d schmidt in widget)

  12. Josh Duhamel

    nomfreebies at hotmail dot com

  13. Josh Duhamel is the answer and I think he'd be great in my romantic movie! lol

  14. Josh Duhamel plays the male lead in Safe Haven, but Ryan Rosling makes me weak in the knees ;)

  15. It's Josh Duhamel.

    allibrary (at) aol (dot) com

  16. Josh Duhamel

    Ronald O.

    oliverspendulum at yahoo dot com

  17. Josh Duhamel

    Ronald O.

    oliverspendulum at yahoo dot com


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